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Well, it’s been fun.

See some of you around here and there, and hopefully once I get things going for myself. Have a wonderful night everyone. 

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morningstararcana sent: ((What is this about a new muse blog?))

I said everything I had to in the OOC note of my post. 

It’s a blog I am not planning to advertise, but it will be replacing this one as my most active place to be roleplaying on tumblr. There is no new muse, it will be the same Yosuke I have shaped over the course of three years outside of tumblr (and one and a half years on tumblr), but there’s a new touch to him now that he’s graduated. Also that he’s been accepted into a college of his choosing.

Yeah. I’m not planning to get much into it yet, which is why I’m asking around to those I have incomplete rps with first. 

Just to see if they’re interested in continuing things.

And well, letting those followers who never really interacted with me that there will be a change of things. Not planning to make this much of a big event, but I wanted to say things properly. 

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Acceptance—Is the first step. [So long, Farewell—See you soon sounds a lot more better, yes?]

That was it. 

Despite everything that had transpired in recent weeks, from the senior trip to the study preparations for college entrance exams, everything had come to an eventual close. It felt more like a dream than anything else, as the red marker he used to count off the last days of the semester ran dry before the final cross off came about. Almost fitting, if you asked Yosuke, but at the same time, there was a sense of disappointment upon tossing that marker away. For some reason, the brunet could not find it in him to throw it out. The strange equivalence it held to the upcoming goodbyes that would take place, would it be wrong to discard the item that kept him anticipating the final moments of their high school career? But at the same time dreading the inevitable. 

It hadn’t made much sense to be concerned with the what ifs following the last months, especially following the conversations that had taken place within the Hanamura family. Short chats after dinner, during breakfast, and usually at the beginning of his breaks. 

Never to beat around the bush in their family, these conversations were brief, and to the point. More so discussions of important matters.

From college recommendations to potential majors, Yosuke had nearly found himself in a rut at the beginning of it all. More so fearful of what lies ahead in time for him as compared to what was taking place in the now. Understandable to anyone in his situation, yes, but that didn’t stop his parents from tossing slight suggestions here and there. Not entirely throwing him in their direction of personal interest, but giving him a slight push. Something along the lines of encouragement.

Something he would come to appreciate, and did when the time came around to commence the exam that would prove whether or not he would make the cut in due time. Yosuke was in it to win it. 

"Strange how… a miracle managed to happen…" 


He was still perplexed when the letter came around, unable to find anywhere to put it other than his bedroom table. What was one supposed to do with an acceptance letter other than wave it around like an idiot to the ones who actually show a slither of interest? Would framing it be a good idea, or perhaps ironing out the wrinkles and putting it on display for those to see whenever they enter or exit the Hanamura Household? Perhaps those ideas were a bit ridiculous, which is why he didn’t take part in anything other than the waving it around part. It was the only option that made sense, and the only one that left him content with the celebratory dinner he experienced that night.

They had all gone out to eat. Yosuke, Yahiko, and Kameyo Hanamura shared a dinner as a family after such a time. Almost surreal, almost dreamlike, and could have possibly been a fantasy, but wasn’t.

Yosuke had pinched himself enough to see. 

A lot had transpired in these final weeks, and glancing over at the items gathered up throughout the days proved more amusing than he had wanted it to be. The diploma rested side by side with his letter of acceptance, along with the remains of the picnic basket that had gotten totaled the evening of graduation. Of course it would wind up being the one he had decided to bring along, but there were no complaints.

At least it wasn’t the food meeting the basket’s eventual fate, although it feels as if it was the eventual trigger. 

A person does need food to start a food fight—enough about food! 

Just thinking about that picnic was going to make him hungrier than he already was, and it’s long after the hours for an actual midnight snack. To be honest, it was long past midnight. 

At 4 am, Yosuke Hanamura found himself contemplating the structures of his final year in high school. He found himself observing that this was the year to end all years. No longer would he wake up in the morning, and pedal off to Yasogami while saying hello to familiar faces, acquaintances, and friends. He found himself realizing that with his enthusiastic punch into the air with his diploma, that was everything.

That was it. It was over. No more Yasogami High School.


Now, he was in the big leagues… bigger than he had anticipated, and Dear Gods in Heaven was her terrified of that thought.

Terrified of the possibilities of failure.

He was scared, he was worried, he was doubtful… but Yosuke wasn’t going to let that consume him. Not at all. Nosiree.

He was going to fight this foe like he would any Shadow. 

Use his wits, and what skills he managed to gather, because that’s how a person gets shit done. And gets it done properly.

"I can do this… I know I can…" 

He just had to believe in himself. 

"Just have to believe in me! Even though I know there’s a couple of people out there cheering me on… have to believe just as much as they do—that’s how it’s done right, and done successfully." 


Yeah, late night pep talks were pretty damn great. Yes, indeed.

Strange how this all transpired from the thought of acceptance. 

OOC: Well then. It’s as Yosuke said, acceptance is the first step to many things out there in the world. Whether it be the personal obligations you might be prepping yourself for, to the more simple things like blog maintenance. I can say this this Out of Character note is a mixture of both, that I hope my followers are willing to read if they didn’t care much for the post above. That’s perfectly fine too, because it wouldn’t be fair of me to force someone to read the mess I wrote up there.

I’m here to announce that this blog, kazemahou, will be going on near-permanent hiatus. I’ll be popping in every now and then to say hello and look back on a lot of things. It’s been a fun year and a half I have to admit, and I’m slightly disappointed in myself that I couldn’t make a full two years, but ah well. I have been slacking recently here, as my spring term has exhausted my think pan. 

But it’s more to it than a lack of motivation to roleplay. In a way, I use this blog as a means of stress relief. A place to turn to when I hoped to used my adoration of a particular character and shape them out into something more. Roleplaying has been that reliever I have made use of since 2007, but the happiness it welcomes comes and goes. This time around, it hasn’t returned. 

And once again I feel disappointed in myself, but at the same time, I’d like to take care of myself.

This is not me saying goodbye to the roleplay community on tumblr, but instead… starting new.

This is why I’m keeping this blog around by means of asking my followers, both new and old, if they would like to continue unfinished roleplays that I have archived on that list of mine. I have started up on a new blog for my Hanamura muse, but I am not planning to advertise. 

Only a good two or three people already know of it’s eventual existence, and with that said, I’ll be messaging those on my reply list that I know are still active.

Simply to ask, and in turn link to the new blog. 

It has been a wonderful year and a half, everyone. Despite the bumps in the road, I can say here that I enjoyed every minute that my Yosuke Hanamura was active, and I appreciate the kindness you gave him. Perhaps we can continue said appreciation elsewhere, as I begin this fresh start alongside my lovely RP Partner.

A new beginning, you can say. 

Thank you everyone for your time and patience.

Once again, it’s been wonderful… and I hope there is no sense of bad blood between any of us.

I appreciate you listening to me. 


P.S. Other than making notes of my move on this blog (CHECK THE TAGS ON THIS POST), you can find me on my personal Pollyannaism. As well as hit me up on skype or msn. Check my contacts

I love you all. ♥ 

- Keyonna / Kazemahou 

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Time to get myself to bed, but—

If anyone would like a starter or anything, please let me know!


I might seem to dislike the pressure of a whole bunch of drafts, but that’s just me torturing myself in some twisted way, really. I like piling more means of replies on top of more replies, so it’s perfectly fine even if it seems like my list is too much to handle and I have a lot going on here.

Honestly I don’t. so if please give me a head’s up!

I’d appreciate it a whole lot, cause I want to make sure I can keep this muse going strong one way or another.

P.S. Happy St Patrick’s Day~ 


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Update on Replies (March 17th) [ST PATRICK’S DAY EDITION]

Responded to:

Need to respond to: 

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» A moment of staring incredulously at Yosuke gave way to a longer one of laughing. Her hand found its way to hover just above her mouth as she tried as she might to cover the unbecomingly childish expression. She didn’t want to give the impression that she was mocking him, so the detective made her best attempt at stifling her chuckle, but she couldn’t help being amused by the notion.

“Oh, I’m sorry Yosuke. I don’t mean to laugh, but that really is oddly fitting—” She stopped herself, realising that she reverted to referring to the boy by his given name. Surely that was far too informal for a first meeting after so long. Reflecting on her current demeanour, she inwardly cursed herself. Here she was, not only giggling but acting completely presumptuous!

Clearing her throat with a cough, Naoto straightened up once again.

“You shouldn’t feel too bad about it, though. People here in Inaba are simply partial to ridiculous nicknames. I’ve gotten my fair share of them as well.” Nothing like a bit of generalised insult to distract from a moment of jesting. She pushed a few stray strands of her into her hat. “Even one including a ‘prince’ title as well, as I’m sure you know. What does being the ‘useless prince’ actually entail, if I may ask?”

She was admittedly a bit curious. Just what was their class doing? Some sort of ironic fairy tale?

Her face broke into a more dignified smile as the boy made his ridiculous swear.

“I appreciate that.” »


No need to apologize on that one… I had a feeling you would get a laugh out of that! It’s hard not to, right? Just about everyone in class found themselves amused once the roles were placed on the nearest bulletin. To be honest, I forgot I apparently applied for a role? [Apparently forgotten wasn’t the proper term, as Yosuke had never pushed himself for a role in the first place. While the main suspect in placing his name down on the list for potential roles pointed immediately to a certain Souji Seta, there were a select few in their third year class that might have felt it was their obligation to offer Yosuke a welcoming role. A joke among the lot of them, whether it be within the school or outside, but the brunet had managed to find it in himself to laugh along. To be a part of the joke, and make some use of it on the working field.

His motivation to actually be a part of the on-going joke might as well be a positive in whatever actions his “Princely character” would take part in once a proper script was written. There were only ideas for now, with their class only certain about the uselessness joke.

Hopefully they didn’t go overboard. Addition humor material would be nice, if they were heading down the comedy approach!]

It’s more so a joke between friends these days, you know? 


Like how you just managed to laugh, which I will admit made me rather happy to hear, it’s a fun joke around the town~

[Nodding his head, he followed after the underclassmen with a sense of curiosity. With whatever was going to take place in their possibly ridiculous fairy tale disaster to come, Yosuke could not help but wonder the creativity that happens to stem from Naoto’s classroom. 

Were Kanji and Rise in the same class as well? He had forgotten.]

So! What about you? Is there anything in particular you’ll be doing come the festival date, or are you the main attraction altogether?

[How flattering of you, Yosuke.]

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Unintentional Tour Guide


“I’ll be honest, I feel like I can trust you.” Roc said, her eyes looking distantly to her left, “I don’t know exactly what kind of place this is, but if I can’t find my way home, I have to grasp this as my reality. It’s troubling, to be ripped from your home.” The redhead rested her chin on the palm of her hand as her crimson eyes seemed to go blank while she stared off to the distance, but then he said something that intrigued her.

“Adventures..?” She replied in question at the last of the brunet’s comment. Her head found itself tilting to the left a smidge as Roc’s curiosity began to well up in her. She would be very upset if he was about to mock her though. Coming to a foreign place like this and opening up to a complete stranger was not something Roc was able to do easily..

Well, it’s good that you can trust me? I wouldn’t want there to be some type of hostile atmosphere between us or anything, especially after you had the courage to admit that to me… [Despite nodding in response to her previous words, it was still rather surreal of a situation taking place right now. Something a person would most likely experience in a television show or mange series, was currently transpiring with him as the unexpected protagonist as they consider those characters? If that was the case, Yosuke did not feel like a protagonist… as compared to the “Second Banana” title he had bestowed upon himself almost a year before, but it was happening. Roc was in front of him right now, and she was looking for answers as to why she was here.

Questions the brunet wouldn’t mind helping her achieve the answers, because was there any reason for someone… of another dimension altogether, to be ripped away from her home? Torn apart from the family and friends she probably had back there, who were hopefully waiting for her return. Whenever that would be. 

He frowned at that comment, trying to keep positive.] 

Yeah, adventures of my own—well, my friends were a part of it too, but it’s a really long story that we can get to later.

[Waving his words off, Yosuke took hold of her hand.]

C’mon, we’re going to need to make sure you fit in first…

Then we can continue with our personal stories, all righty? 

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I’ve seen you hanging out with the guy I date, and I’m like “Who the hell are you?” [@arcanagambler]


[Roy, however, still seemed confused.]


“I’m still not entirely following. That hole was in the display when I found it, so either it was supposed to look like that or some other asshole dun messed it up.”

[He casually rested the broom he was holding on his shoulder.]

“Like legit, I’m impressed there was that big of a damn hole and the thing didn’t just collapse when it happened.”

Is that so…? 

[Peering at the hole in the display, Yoko crouched down to observe what might have transpired in the time spent avoiding this aisle altogether. It made sense that her lack of attention in this particular section of the store would result in a couple of demolished work areas. Perhaps a pair of children who had nothing better to do while their parents were grocery shopping decided to seek amusement in a means of chaos.

Something typical of children, and it wouldn’t surprise her if they were still nearby. Little brats, she’d give them what’s coming another time, especially if they wind up being the ones who normally—

But that is beside the point, completely and utterly.]

Usually happens around here. Kids don’t know better, and their mothers bitch at me when the boxes wind up falling on their precious little darlings’ heads and just you wait, I’m going to sue—

And they wind up shopping here the next day.

[She eye rolls.] 

Hypocrites, really.

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